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Contact us OR submit video to TerrorFeed

First off what we are not. We are NOT youtube. We do not want to be youtube. We do not allow random submissions to our site. We are a hardcore genre site and we are very open to any and all submissions but we DO screen them for quality.

Being that we are a site run by fans we encourage YOU the horror genre fans to submit video to us. We are however only interested in horror genre related videos. The goal of this site is to provide a one stop shop for all the mainstream horror movies as well as bring awareness to horror shorts and indie horror that might otherwise not get seen. On this site we post:

  1. Horror Shorts
  2. TV Spots
  3. Trailers & Clips
  4. Indie horror

If you see a video on youtube, or anywhere for that matter that needs to be added to the site shoot us an email and we will get it added! We do not post pirated materials so please dont submit things that you know to be copyrighted works. Only submit trailers and promo clips or shorts with permission!

Get a Video Removed

We get all of our videos from user submissions. Although we do our very best to never post leaked videos or copyrighted materials that are not intended for Press use it can happen. If you wish to have a video removed from our site send us a friendly email and we will accomadate you.

Partner With Us

We are always looking to build relationships and new partners for TerrorFeed. Feel free to contact us if you think you would like to partner with us. We are always open to new and innovative partnerships. Whether its sponsoring our site through advertising, running a contest with us or simply making sure your videos reach our audience.

Sites We Think Kick Ass!

The online film community is a great place and has some really fantastic websites. Below is a list of websites that we really digg and think that you should take the time to check out.

Horror Widgets To Complete Your Life

Below are a couple of horror widgets that you can use to keep up on whats happening. There is a widget for Horror News, another for Horror Reviews and a new one is coming for horror videos.