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Most Popular TerrorFeed horror videos

Each and every day we add tons of new horror videos, shorts and other goodies to this site. With that in mind below is the list of the most popular horror videos on the site based on how many times the video has been watched on our site, as well as on sites where it has been embedded. Popularity is based entirely on how many times the video has been watched on TerrorFeed.com and on the sites where it has been embedded. So unlike our Highest Rated Horror Videos a video can be on the Most Popular list just because people like watching a train wreck.

top 20 Horror Video's

  1. SAW 4 Teaser Trailer
    Watched, 114,481x
  2. Wrong Turn 2 Trailer
    Watched, 96,636x
  3. SAW 5 Trailer
    Watched, 65,377x
  4. Run! Bitch Run! Trailer
    Watched, 63,423x
  5. Cloverfield Teaser Trailer
    Watched, 50,997x
  6. Twilight Bad Guy Clip
    Watched, 48,781x
  7. Halloween (2007) Trailer
    Watched, 44,022x
  8. Monster (2008) Trailer
    Watched, 42,928x
  9. SAW 4 Autopsy Clip
    Watched, 41,259x
  10. Twilight Showdown Clip
    Watched, 41,116x
  11. Bitch Slap Trailer
    Watched, 37,609x
  12. Twilight Trailer 2
    Watched, 33,304x
  13. I am Legend Awakening Part1
    Watched, 32,729x
  14. Death Racers Trailer
    Watched, 31,368x
  15. SAW V Trailer 2
    Watched, 30,745x

popular search terms

Ever wonder what other folks are searching for in horror? Well now you can know. Sometimes you dont know whats cool and hot, our top search terms helps you find out!

  1. ho
  2. killer
  3. sex
  4. scifi
  5. Porn
  6. dorm of the dead
  7. Dead Mary
  8. nudity
  9. dawnn of the dead
  10. Apocalypse
  11. making of
  12. Prom Night (2008)
  13. exploitation
  14. cloverfield
  15. canibals
  16. hostel
  17. SAW V (2008)
  18. classic
  19. horrorfest
  20. left 4 dead
  21. SAW
  22. grinder
  23. The Happening (2008)
  24. dragon
  25. scarecrow
  26. stephen king
  27. insect
  28. e3
  29. HellRaiser (2009)
  30. lesbian

popular videos by actor's

Kane Tobin Bell Bijou Phillips Jeremy Renner Scott Speedman
Natasha Talonz Liv Tyler Jessica Barton Idris Elba Hanna R. Hall
Precious Cox Rhona Mitra Roger Bart Harold Perrineau Daniella Alonso
Sheri Moon Melissa George Betsy Russell Cerina Vincent Jason Behr